Built on the site of Gdansk’s former traditional granaries destroyed during the Second World War, the Granary Island project consists of redeveloping a unique site to reinvigorate a long unused and undeveloped neighbourhood on an island right in the middle of the city. The development provides for a complex of retail premises, apartments, offices and two hotels.
    Project specificities
    BREEAM Excellent

    Motławska / Pożarnicza Street

    Surface area
    75 600 m²
    Project type
    Under development
    Building permit: yes
    Environmental permit: yes
    Phase 1: Q1 2017 - Q4 2019
    Phase 2: Q4 2020 - Q4 2023
    657 Underground parking spaces
    2 Hotels
    727 Apartments
    Features on site
    Features at proximity
    Bicycle paths
    Mąka Sojka Architekci
    RKW Architektur +
    Kwadrat Studio Architektoniczne


    Olivier Thiel

    — General Manager Immobel Poland

    Maciej Maka

    — Architect, Mąka Sojka Architekci

    Revitalizing an iconic district while conserving 17th century remains and quality of life

    This part of the former Hanseatic city of Gdansk has lain waste ever since the ravages of the Second World War, leaving a gaping hole in the city.

    Together with RKW Architektur +, Kwadrat Studio Architektoniczne and Mąka Sojka Architekci, Immobel completely redeveloped the site on Granary Island, preserving the concept of the traditional grain sheds and translating their unique style into modern architecture.

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    project plan

    Granary Island

    “The Granary Island project perfectly matches Immobel’s DNA: starting out with a disused area, designing a largescale heritage urban development and turning it into a vibrant new neighbourhood. We’ve made sure to bring together a range of uses to attract all types of people and work hand in hand with the authorities to ensure sympathetic treatment of the unique remains of the city’s Hanseatic past.”

    Olivier Thiel

    General Manager Immobel Poland

    An excellent example of urban redynamisation

    In addition to a hotel, apartments, shops and offices, the mixed project makes excellent use of its waterside location, with the construction of a new marina that will give the area a dynamic touch. A pedestrian bridge creates the link between the old town and the island.

    The new complex has been designed to ensure sympathetic treatment of the remains of the historical granaries and tailored to the bustle of modern life, with the opportunity to take advantage of the city centre’s cultural offering in a safe pedestrian precinct that is suited to the city, its residents and its tourists.

    “As a result of its particularly complex location - on an island in the historic centre of Gdansk - and its variety of functions, this project is an excellent example of the direction that cities should take to change for the better. This project is not about confining yourself to a single use but, on the contrary, about creating multiple uses by taking into account the social aspect and the needs of residents. Moreover, in my opinion, this is the role of the architect today. Namely, to design high-quality spaces, not only from an aesthetic point of view but with added value, both in terms of the well-being of users and in terms of sustainability, in order to respond to future changes.”

    Maciej Maka

    Architect, Mąka Sojka Architekci

    An urban renovation project, awarded in 2020 by MIPIM

    Granary Island won the MIPIM Award 2020 in the category “Best Urban Project”. The project was selected for its contribution to offering better livelihoods, improving social inclusion, increasing economic growth and inventing the city of tomorrow where humans will be at the centre of everything.

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    “We are absolutely delighted to have received this award”, said Marnix Galle, Executive Chairman of Immobel. “It is a recognition of our strategy which focuses on the development of highly complex real estate projects in major European cities, where we create attractive architectural environments that improve living and working environments and meet the needs of today and tomorrow.”

    The redevelopment of Granary Island will be completed in 2023.

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