Immobel is focused on building a sustainable future by leveraging our expertise and entrepreneurial approach.

As a major property developer in several European countries and a key local oOur strength lies in identifying and developing optimal project opportunities.

We integrate our know-how directly into the field, ensuring precise control over results, and our teams consistently strive to maximise project potential, meeting our stakeholders’ expectations.

All-round expertise

With diverse expertise among our staff, we excel at delivering high-quality real estate projects. Beyond construction, we offer personalised support services throughout the buying and construction process, ensuring a smooth experience from acquisition to completion.

Market development

Developers bring together stakeholders from a variety of different fields (technical, legal, financial, commercial). Equipped with an in-depth knowledge of the trends and developments in the property market, available land and the best locations to build, our teams have developed an extensive network of clients and partners. These skills allow them to recognise the mixed-use project opportunities that suit the needs of the neighbourhood, seize them and add them to our portfolio.


It is during this phase that developers use their negotiating skills. In collaboration with the financial, legal, technical and commercial teams, property developers must measure the potential risks, analyse the possible outcomes and propose an acquisition price which, if accepted, will allow the developer to take on a new profitable project.


The success of a project also depends on its conceptualisation. Immobel calls on talented and visionary architectural firms to manage large-scale projects. Every aspect of the project is studied and considered in depth – in particular those related to sustainability and environmental impact – in order to create an urban landscape that is in line with the needs of the city and the expectations of future occupants. Information sessions with local residents can also be arranged during this phase of the process, depending on the project.


Once the concept has been completed, the teams finalise the plans and ensure everyone is on the same page. Then, once all the elements are in order, they submit the permit application. Large urban projects may require consultation committees, information sessions and additional documentation to ensure that all shareholders of a project have been taken into account. The response time for a permit varies, but this time allows the teams to continue to work on the most important aspects of the project and gives them time to choose a general contractor. The teams must ensure that the specific procedures and rules applicable to each market in which they operate are met.


The construction, which is a critical and very technical phase, is the first visible step of the process. This is when the project breaks ground. The technical department supervises the general contractor, who is responsible for coordinating every technical skill involved: architects, engineering firms (with regard to stability, design, acoustics, etc.). This in order to guarantee a project that is in line with the permit, plans, energy and environmental standards, and everything else that will ensure that the project delivered is of the highest quality.


This step often begins much earlier in the process, depending on whether it is a residential or office project. The brokers (offices) or the integrated sales unit (residential) will begin the process by familiarising themselves with the project in order to market it. To support this process, the marketing department develops numerous communication and promotion tools to market the project.

Marketing - Legal - Finance

These transversal services support every stage of each project, from promoting them to providing legal and financial support. The marketing and communication teams put together material that best embodies the projects and buildings.

Dedicated support

Our sales and customer support teams are dedicated to keeping clients informed to guarantee a hassle-free journey to their new home or place of work.