We lead by example

Immobel is dedicated to setting high standards for ethical practices and responsible corporate citizenship. Maintaining a dialogue with our internal and external stakeholders is a responsibility that Immobel integrates into its daily activities.


Towards our collaborators

Immobel’s teams are part of the group’s ambition to create future-proof urban projects with a positive impact. We pay particular attention to training and skills development. 
We are committed to opposing all forms of discrimination against collaborators, applicants or partners and developing diversity within teams and management. 
We are building an organisation that contributes to the development and health of people and the group.


In the industry

Cities and communities are not built in silos. We are convinced that close dialogue with our stakeholders is key to identifying and acting effectively on both risks and opportunities. 
Immobel also seeks to influence the industry agenda in a broader sense, as we see this as an important chance to have a positive impact beyond our direct projects. Leading by example and partnering for the SDGs is the approach we have chosen when it comes to industry progress.

For the community

The Immobel Engagement Fund is dedicated to supporting social non-profits by empowering them financially, engaging our collaborators and providing space for community needs. The fund has focused its actions on four societal themes, strongly related to our purpose of “creating healthy places”: social inclusion, culture, health and inclusive city development.