Our activities in Luxembourg

Today, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, our vocation is to ensure quality urban development that stands the test of time and has a positive impact on the areas in which it is located.

With a 20-strong multidisciplinary team working on ambitious projects, Immobel Luxembourg can call on international support and 360° local expertise dedicated to the development of its activities.

Projects in Luxembourg

Kiem 2050 - Hero shot - Bert Leroy

Kiem 2050

Our team in Luxembourg

Our team has enabled Immobel Luxembourg to become a major player in the Luxembourg market.

Meet our management team

Our desire is to promote an integrated and cooperative approach throughout each of our projects. Being attentive to the needs of city planners and residents enables us to commit to quality projects that help create a city whose social, societal and environmental impact is sustainable.

Adel Yahia Senior Managing Director Belgium and Luxembourg
Muriel Sam Managing Director Luxembourg

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Infinity Living project in Luxembourg

Immobel's flagship project in Luxembourg, Infinity, combines an exclusive concept, an attractive location on the Kirchberg plateau and the imprint of an internationally renowned architect.

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