The redevelopment of the De Brouckère complex will provide a mixed-use project with a focus on quality of use, green spaces and accessibility. This innovative and ambitious transformation aims to transform all of the buildings, some of which are Belle Epoque in style, into a revitalized neighbourhood featuring offices, retail premises, a hotel, apartments and student accommodation.
Project specificities
Geothermal energy
Cooling installations
Heat pumps
Solar panels
Energy friendly combination
Water recuperations
Storm basin
BREEAM Excellent

Place de Brouckère
1000 Brussels

Surface area
37 967 m²
Project type
In design phase
Building permit: yes
Environmental permit: yes
Construction period: Q4 2021 - Q1 2025
176 apartments
129 student rooms
Hotel with 152 rooms
6,850 m² Offices
3,365 m² Retail
A2RC Architects
Henning Larsen
BPI Real Estate


Rob Ragoen

— Developer Immobel

Jacob Kurek

— Architect, Henning Larsen

A combination of harmonious spaces in keeping with the identity of Brussels

At the heart of the development will feature a large interior garden with green façades.

Visual Immobel Belgium Brouck'R Student Housing

The historic façades overlooking Place De Brouckère/De Brouckèreplein will be retained to preserve the quality of the existing urban fabric and the identity of the city centre.

Immobel Social Fund

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“One of the challenges of the project was to offer a range of uses that suit the different users of this historic central neighbourhood. The result will provide an attractive location that works day and night for very different groups of people, namely tourists, employees, retailers, students, and so on. The elegant design will offer a contrast and a dialogue with the various different volumes of the neighbourhood’s heritage buildings.”

Rob Ragoen

Developer Immobel

A destination, rather than a straightforward building

Another major focus of the redevelopment is mobility, which is of key importance in this extremely central neighbourhood that is also directly connected to the pedestrian precinct, in order to develop a vision and a project relevant for the future.

“We wanted to reflect strategically during the design of this development and examine all of its human aspects: Who are the people who are going to be living, working and walking around in this neighbourhood in the decades to come? A project of this scale needs to be part of a bigger narrative which takes the past, the traditions and the craftsmanship of the neighbourhood into account. Once the development is built, we want the people who come into the city centre to be able to make it their own and appreciate all the details we have designed, such as attractive materials, niches and living spaces. We designed it as a destination rather than as a straightforward building.”

Jacob Kurek

Architect, Henning Larsen