An island of housing and services in the heart of a district exuding charm and authenticity

Ideally located in the Dommeldange district, in close proximity to the train station, the project envisages a mixed development with a residential focus, including a base of commercial and office spaces. With its view of the Alzette, its suspended gardens, and the creation of a cycle path connecting the project directly to the city center, the project will have everything to appeal to families but also to home-sharing enthusiasts, as the program stands out by offering a majority of co-living accommodations.

The City of Luxembourg has acquired the entire project as part of a call for projects aimed at enriching its real estate portfolio. A fruitful collaboration took place with the various city services to adapt the project and meet the evolving needs of the Luxembourgish community, combining our expertise with the vision of a dynamic and inclusive urban future, where quality of life and sustainable development come together harmoniously.

    Project specificities
    Storm basin
    Bicycle paths
    Hanging gardens

    5, Rue Nennig
    2214 Luxembourg

    Surface area
    7 900 m²
    Project type
    Under development
    Building permit: yes
    Features on site
    Soft mobility
    Green areas
    Features at proximity
    Art & Build