Adel Yahia*


Senior Managing Director Belgium and Luxembourg

*Mandate executed by the company Adel Yahia Consult BV, represented by Adel Yahia.

Muriel Sam

Head of Development.

Managing Director Luxembourg

Raffaele Iachetta

Head of Technical Department.

Head of Technical Department

Valérie Flaus

Head of Legal Services.

Head of Legal Services & Human Resources

Gabriel Cingerli

Finance Manager.

Head of Finance

Xavier Hauboldt

Finance Manager.

Head of Development

Matthieu Godschaux

Head Of Residential Projects Advisory.

Head of Residential Projects Advisory

Immobel Social Fund

En plus de la durabilité directement liée à nos projets, nous contribuons également au bien de la société en reversant jusqu’à 1 % de nos bénéfices* à des associations caritatives dans les domaines de la santé,de la culture et de l’inclusion sociale.

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Luxembourg - Aire project



Ideally located near all the capital's main transport routes.

Rue Eugène Ruppert 14, 2453 Luxembourg
Tel: +35 (0) 2 24831420
Email: [email protected]

People at the heart of our projects

Today, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, our vocation is to ensure quality urban development that stands the test of time and has a positive impact on the areas in which it is located.

Our presence in Luxembourg