Mon, 06/11/2023
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GRESB score

The GRESB* (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), an international organization which assesses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performances in the real estate sector, has published its annual evaluation. For Immobel, this year's score was synonymous with considerable progress.


In 2023, 2,084 real estate entities took part in the evaluation by providing data concerning their management, their performance, and their sustainability transition development strategy. The score obtained, 5 stars, is a recognition for companies featuring amongst the 20% at the top of the benchmark.

For its second participation, Immobel received a 5-star report at 95%, coming from 79% in 2022. This progress highlights our commitment to more ESG transparency and overall sustainability performance in the real estate sector.

2023: the validation

Putting ESG at the core of our strategy “Creating Healthy Places” provides us with a fundamental analysis framework for our activities divided into two layers: what we do at the level of our assets and what we do at group level. Latest GRESB score is, for Immobel, the validation of concrete progress made on those 2 layers: on stakeholder engagement (both with our employees and the community) as well as green building certifications coverage and on-site renewables implementation.

Besides recognition of our efforts, the GRESB evaluation sends a clear message to capital markets and to investors, as it objectively evaluates our ESG performance: both on managing ESG at corporate level as well as addressing ESG issues in the development phases.

What’s next ?

Immobel will continue to deploy its commitment to lead by example regarding sustainability within the real estate development sector. Third party recognition will remain key to stay a step ahead of the pack.

> Want to know more about our results? Consult the pdf attached.

*About GRESB

GRESB provides standardized and validated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data to financial markets. GRESB is the leading ESG benchmark for real estate and infrastructure investments across the world, used by institutional and financial investors to inform decision-making. Results are based on an evaluation of the transparency of sustainability practices as published on websites, sustainability reports, and annual reports. Participants in the assessment need to update their information on the GRESB Portal on a yearly basis.

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