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With Madaster, Immobel is fully committed to the circular construction sector.

We all know that the supply of materials on our planet is not infinite. This is now a well-known fact. In our industry, we still have a lot of work to do with regard to the reuse of materials. Our goal is to break through this barrier. With the launch of ‘Madaster’, some of the key players in the property industry have raised the bar even higher.

Madaster is a kind of Cadastre or land register but for materials, products and construction components that have been used in buildings and can be reused. With the launch of this platform, the construction sector wants to commit fully to sustainability and the reuse of materials. The key to a more circular construction industry lies with the data. Today, it is not always clear which materials and which construction components are present in buildings. Madaster should change this situation by showing which materials are being used and where, and if they could be reused.

Immobel Belgium Madaster infographic

As a partner of Madaster, Immobel wishes to commit fully to the digitalisation of this information. A materials passport will ensure that the information provided is transformed into knowledge. The Madaster will become a standard marketplace with suppliers and buyers, whereby the buyer receives a guarantee on the quality of the materials offered. To guarantee this quality, the information uploaded to the platform must comply with standard definitions. To make the parameters objective for the buyers or investors it is important that the data input be trustworthy, and therefore be validated by neutral bodies or the industry. This is comparable to the same principle that is used for sustainability certificates such as BREAAM.

Through our collaboration on the Madaster project we want to raise awareness around the reuse of materials – towards both the market and the government. Immobel will also be a model of reuse within its own organisation, being as much a source as an end user of materials. As a ‘miner’ we are part of the urban mine, which allows us to shape the interchangeability of materials between our own projects.

With innovative pilot projects such as Madaster, Immobel is fully committed to introducing a new and more circular construction culture.

Immobel Belgium Multi Shops
The MULTI project, in the pedestrian zone in Brussels, is a shining example of circularity: 89% of the existing materials will be reused. In addition, over 2% of these come from urban mining, i.e. from other locations in Belgium.