An emblematic tower

Eden Tower is one of the highest green residential façade in Europe and one of the rare and most spectacular residential tower in Frankfurt. The project enjoys an exceptional location, in the heart of the city, between the central business district, the station and the exhibition centre, and immediately adjacent to the smart West End district. With exceptional architecture and a planted façade, and reaching a height of nearly 100 meters, Eden will mark the entrance to Europa Allee, thus supplementing the famous Frankfurt skyline. This project is led by Immobel Luxembourg.

    Project specificities
    Green facades

    Europa-Allee 11
    60327 Frankfurt

    Surface area
    20 000 m²
    Project type
    Under development
    Building permit: yes
    Environmental permit: not applicable
    263 Apartments
    Features on site
    Private concierge service
    Green facade
    Integrated fitness space
    Features at proximity
    Metro at the foot of the residence
    TLBS Architekten
    Jaspers-Eyers Architects
    Helmut Jahn
    Magnus Kaminiarz
    Studio Architects
    Immobel’s first project in Germany, the iconic Eden Tower, has one of the highest “green” residential façades in Europe. Designed by the architects Helmut Jahn and Magnus Kaminiarz, it boasts a fantastic location, at the entrance to Europa Allee and in close proximity to the business districts, the train station and the exhibition centre.