Conscious of the role it plays in making use of the ground and in the evolution of planning concepts, Immobel places sustainable development at the very heart of its priorities. Its commitment is translated into concrete realizations, which fit into a voluntary policy oriented towards the future. It promotes eco-responsible, inclusive and intergenerational projects.


It is with this in mind that Immobel selects strategic and central locations for its projects, in order to encourage ‘soft mobility’ and the use of multi-modal transport hubs.


It also creates innovative residential complexes (a mix in urban, community and generational terms), pays great attention to including green areas and facilities such as shared workspaces, creches, senior rest homes and hotels. It also respects –or even exceeds – the most stringent energy standards.


And finally, it opts for buildings with excellent energy performance, planted roofs, optimal acoustic and thermal insulation, solar panels and much more too…