Corporate social responsibility

Immobel develops large-scale projects that have a direct impact on the areas concerned and their inhabitants. Conscious, therefore, of its role in regional planning and urban development, the company makes sustainable development a priority. 

Immobel chooses to strategically locate its projects in town centres, for example, so as to encourage maximum ‘soft mobility’. Likewise, it designs innovative housing concepts (mixed urban housing, communal housing and transgenerational housing) that include green areas and facilities such as shared workspaces, nurseries, retirement homes and hotels, which are also compliant with – or even anticipate – the most demanding energy standards. Furthermore, the company promotes buildings with excellent energy performance, green roofs, optimal acoustic and thermal insulation, solar panels and much, much more. As an urban player, Immobel has a social responsibility to ensure maximum well-being for its residents.

Immobel has therefore established a Fund for philanthropic purposes. This Fund is intended to provide financial support for constructive initiatives originating from Belgian professional organisations and to insure a leveraging effect on innovative solutions in the three sectors in which Immobel will give its support:

SOCIAL Inclusion

In collaboration with the King Baudouin Foundation, Immobel will support the creation of more inclusive cities. To do this, the Fund will give financial support to positive initiatives by professional associations located in Brussels, which help youngsters (6-18 years old) from disadvantaged areas to discover their talents, to regain self-confidence and to integrate socially, so that they may become socially responsible citizens.

In the domain of Health

Immobel will support medical research.

In the domain of Culture

Immobel will support Associations that work to disseminate, protect and promote all the arts, as well as heritage conservation. Immobel structurally supports La Monnaie opera house and the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel. It also supports artists on a one-off basis. The Group won the Caïus Award 2018 as Mecene Company of the Year for its support for the artist Denis Meyers, whom it gave the opportunity to use the Ernest Building (formerly the Solvay Building) for his monumental work ‘Remember/Souvenir’.