Tue, 15/09/2020
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Reconnection of neighbourhoods, upgrading of the existing building, introduction of functional diversity.

Yesterday, at the joint request of the municipality and developers Besix RED and Immobel, the architects’ and landscape architects’ offices presented to local residents the main lines of the project to revitalise Cours Saint-Michel. This will involve the transformation of an obsolete office building into a reconnected living area that is open to public space and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The meeting, which followed on from a reflection and co-creation phase with the Brussels-Capital region and the municipality of Etterbeek, allowed the different parties to voice their thoughts and discuss this project, which will have a major impact on the neighbourhood. All exchanges took place in a spirit of transparency with a positive and constructive mindset.

Development will be structured around 3 areas:

  • reconnection between neighbourhoods by means of a public urban promenade and the tripling of green spaces;
  • upgrading of the existing building by reducing the total built area by 13% and transforming the obsolete office building into flexible, bright and open workspaces adapted to the New Ways of Working (NWoW);
  • introduction of functional diversity through the optimisation of the current green space into a true residential park accessible to the public and through the creation of several high-quality residential buildings, 5 retail premises and local services points, catering areas, etc.

Our proposal aims to provide a response to major issues at the level of the municipality. The site will be revamped by means of open and transparent architecture that facilitates interaction and emphasises light and circulation for its occupants”, says Adrien Puylaert, Immobel Developer. “While it will be harmoniously integrated into the existing environment, the building will also be exemplary in terms of energy consumption and environmental performance”.

As a reminder, in March 2018 Besix RED and Immobel jointly signed an agreement relating to the purchase of the Cours Saint-Michel site from the financial institution ING. It involves a plot of approximately 4 hectares in the municipality of Etterbeek that is ideally located between the Mérode and Thieffry metro stations in a high-quality residential area.

Our aim is to return the Cours Saint-Michel site to the residents, bringing quality of life back to the heart of the neighbourhood,” says Pascal Uyttendaele, Besix RED Project Director. “Our concept of an open park - used for office, housing or retail functions - traversed by an urban promenade will allow for a true reconnection to the existing urban fabric while embodying a strong link between the upper and lower parts of the municipality of Etterbeek”.

Technical data sheet

Mixed project

Surface area: 85,000 m²

Architects: OFFICE Kersten Geers David van Severen and Jaspers-Eyers Architectes

Landscape architect: Michel Desvigne

Planning permission and environmental permit: to be submitted end of 2020

Construction period: Q1 2023 - Q3 2025

Sustainability: BREEAM Excellent certification

  • No fossil fuels
  • Recovery of rainwater and its use in the landscaping
  • Energy transfer and reuse between the office and housing functions


  • Car park adapted to current uses and regulations
  • 550 bicycle spaces
  • Potential new direct access from the future park to Thieffry metro station (being studied with the STIB/MIVB)

Website of the Cours Saint-Michel project: www.courssaintmichel.be


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