Immbel Belgium My Move

Keen to offer innovative solutions with real added value for the residents of its buildings, Immobel is focusing, in particular, on solving mobility-related issues. Its collaboration with MyMove, a D’Ieteren initiative, is an example of this, applied to a very urban project: Royal Louise.


An innovative concept

MyMove has created an easy-to-use smartphone application that enables a diverse fleet of vehicles to be shared within a community. “The concept already existed for companies and we decided to develop it for residential projects. In the underground parking garage of the Royal Louise building, we will install scooters, electric bicycles and cars. All users of the building will be offered access to the application,” explains Victor Tans, Business analyst at Immobel. “For the user, it offers an on-site mobility service that’s easy, hassle-free and cheaper than the cost of maintaining a vehicle.”

A key partner

The objective of the operation: to join forces with a partner with significant expertise in order to create a flexible service catering to the needs of residents. “We will use this pilot scheme to study the behaviour and actual needs of users. We will build a community of testers who will help us understand their expectations in terms of types of vehicles, modes of use, budget, etc.,” continues Victor Tans. “Eventually, we plan to incorporate smart mobility solutions as from the design phase of our projects.”

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A virtuous link

In keeping with the Group’s vision for its mixed and urban projects, the aim of this partnership is to position itself as a link in the urban mobility chain, incorporating other services such as long-term vehicle rental or public transport. “We want to participate in the development of this chain and act in a virtuous manner at our level by creating a positive new dynamic in the buildings in which people live. We believe that this type of response will help to improve the problem of traffic congestion in cities, by offering a practical, convenient solution in the places where people live.”