Mon, 08/08/2022
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Two information sessions in response to the public enquiry

The adapted design of the Lebeau project (35,355 m²) will soon be presented to the neighbourhood. In August and September, two information sessions will be organised in the Tashen building. During these gatherings, residents and other parties involved will receive information about the content and organisation of the project and will have the opportunity to ask questions to experts. The permit application for the modified design of the Lebeau project, located in the Sablon district in the city centre of Brussels, was submitted on 10 February 2022. The application file for the modified design was declared complete, which marks the start of the public enquiry. Immobel wants to establish a dialogue with the residents, retailers and other parties involved and inform them about the project and the modified plans in a transparent way. The two information sessions resulting from the start of the public enquiry are the ideal opportunity to find out everything about the project.


Adapted project thanks to consultation of the neighbourhood

At the request of the Region, which conducted an extensive round of consultations with the residents and the city, the initial 2019 design was adapted by Immobel and the architects MaccreanorLavington, Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects and Assar Architects. The new project version emphasises preservation and renovation even more. Originally, 28% of the site consisted of renovation, which has now been increased to 58%. This equals three out of the five buildings. Heritage conservation and co-creation play a greater role. Sustainability is at the heart of the project by equipping the complex with geothermal systems, solar panels, water-to-water and air-to-water heat pumps and making it 100% fossil-free. During the construction phase, attention will be paid to circularity. A detailed materials inventory will determine what can be reused in the new project. If this proves impossible, Immobel will seek solutions for reuse or recycling elsewhere. Together with its partners, Immobel will also looks for materials from other projects (from their own projects or elsewhere) to integrate into the Lebeau project (urban mining). For each product family, they examine whether recycled materials can be used instead of new ones. The smaller building volumes also meet the residents' demands. These are reduced by about 10%, from 151,000 m3 (as planned in the previous permit application) to 137,687 m3. 

Sven Lenaerts, Head of CSR Immobel, explains "The feedback from the Region, which resulted from the consultation rounds with the residents and the City, has helped improve the design. It is now important to inform the neighbourhood in a transparent way, to offer them the opportunity to discover the new design in detail and to ask any additional questions."

The project includes a mix of functions (apartments, shops, offices) to contribute to a new dynamic for the neighbourhood, as there used to be only offices and logistics spaces on the site. There will also be an underground car park including a bicycle parking area with 313 places and a 1,500 m2 inner garden to make the densely built-up area greener.


Information session for all the stakeholders

Two information sessions are planned to inform residents, retailers, other stakeholders or simply anyone who is interested in the project. The location of these gatherings is the well-known former Tashen building, Rue Lebeau 18. Everybody is welcome to walk in and out at their own pace. The experts who are present will provide visitors with explanations and answers to their questions. The first information session will take place before the start of the public enquiry, on 11 August 2022 from 4 to 9 pm. The second information session will take place during the public enquiry, on 6 September 2022, also from 4 to 9 pm


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