Thu, 24/02/2022
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Built around a hundred-year-old tree, this new neighbourhood spanning 3 hectares, ideally located in an urban environment close to nature, promises much sought-after living conditions. The complex, consisting of 43 apartments and 36 houses in total, has been designed with an eco-friendly approach.

The marketing of the new Liewen project in Mamer starts on Friday 25 February. Located in a dynamic and booming town that has every amenity and is close to Luxembourg, Liewen covers nearly 3 hectares. The project comprises 79 new high-quality homes to meet every housing need.  The 43 apartments, from 1st floor to 3rd floor, from ground floor to penthouse, will be split over 4 compact residential buildings, with all of the ground floor units boasting terraces and private gardens. On the upper floors, each apartment will have a generous outside space. The 36 family houses will also benefit from generous outside spaces. Work is due to begin in mid-2022 and will be completed in early 2025.

Just a few minutes from the centre of Luxembourg: living and unwinding

Liewen puts people and nature front and centre to ensure the perfect work-life balance.
Aurelie Frédureau, Development Director at Immobel Luxembourg, who is heading up this project, says:
“Liewen offers an ideal compromise for city dwellers craving nature and authenticity. We’ve arranged the neighbourhood around this hundred-year-old tree in order to put people at the heart of the project in keeping with the existing environment. Liewen offers the ability to escape from everyday life and reconnect with others, yourself or nature, without having to miss the amenities of urban life.”

An eco-friendly environment with a positive impact

Several themes have been pursued to ensure user-friendliness, authenticity, sustainability, safety and perfect neighbourhood life. The neighbourhood strikes a balance between buildings and green spaces thanks to the care given to the landscaping. Two communal squares connected by a pedestrian area contribute to the user-friendliness. As meeting spaces participating to the development of a community or dedicated more specifically to children and families thanks to a playground, these spaces will promote the maintenance of the bond between residents in harmony with nature.

Liewen favours the development of small residential complexes, with an interplay of levels and setback positioning to preserve the soul of the neighbourhood. Rodolphe Mertens, Managing Director of the firm Rodolphe Mertens Architectes, emphasises: “We’ve strived to limit linear perspectives. Everything is based on a human scale, punctuated by harmonious setback positioning or by the installation of natural elements. This approach gives the project its authenticity." In terms of exterior materials, the façades alternate between brick, glass and sand-coloured anodised aluminium. “These top-quality materials and particularly this quality of sustainable brick were the natural choice. These are living materials whose reflections will change throughout the day and with the seasons. They perfectly embody the spirit of the place and help to integrate the buildings harmoniously with the natural elements," adds Gérard Schroeder, Partner at A2RC Architects.

Liewen is a great place to live precisely because biodiversity and nature have been kept intact. The preservation and enhancement of the remarkable tree, the tree-lined lanes and the creation of a plant screen overlooking the retention basins also play a part in conserving a high-quality biotope. In addition to the private gardens, the neighbourhood will also boast shared vegetable gardens. Wherever they are, residents will be able to enjoy attractive views of the surrounding green spaces throughout the seasons.

In addition to the use of recycled brick, the buildings are designed to be sustainable and environmentally friendly, notably due to the use of timber frames for the houses. Liewen is also one of the first neighbourhoods in Luxembourg to replace fossil fuels. All of the energy will be produced using heat pumps, making a positive environmental impact. Finally, in order to protect the site and encourage soft mobility, the roads have been designed as shared spaces. The central lane connecting the two squares will be given over exclusively to pedestrians and cyclists. 

The marketing is being carried out in partnership with JLL Residential and Mainstreet Real Estate. For more information, please visit