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2024.06.05 - LIEWEN Air-37

6 June 2024 - The structural work on the Liewen residential project in Mamer and the Canal 44 project in Esch-sur-Alzette, both developed by Immobel, has been completed. This milestone marks a significant step towards the forthcoming delivery of 127 homes, underlining the Group's commitment to residential property in Luxembourg.

Liewen: a new environmentally responsible neighbourhood coming to Mamer soon

Construction work on the Liewen project, which began in March 2023, is progressing rapidly. Designed with environmental responsibility in mind, this 3-hectare neighbourhood is built around a century-old tree. Covering 13,800 m², it comprises residential areas with 43 flats and 11 houses. As the scaffolding gradually comes down, the buildings built by CLE are revealing their facades and showcasing small-scale residential developments. Special attention has been paid to the design and positioning of the setbacks in order to preserve the character of the neighbourhood. Materials such as brick, glass and sand-coloured anodised aluminium have been carefully selected for their ability to blend harmoniously into the natural environment.

The project includes the creation of two common squares linked by a central walkway reserved for pedestrians and cyclists. This layout will create a friendly atmosphere and a harmonious balance between mineral and vegetable, while preserving biodiversity.

Canal 44: renovation of a historic building in Esch-sur-Alzette

The conversion of a historic building forming part of Esch-sur-Alzette's heritage into a residential block is making steady progress. The removal of the builder CBL's cranes and scaffolding heralds the rebirth of this historic site. Built in 1938 for a press group, the building has been carefully restored to preserve its original character, in particular its stone façade decorated with bas-reliefs and its travertine and terrazzo entrance. The existing building has been raised by two storeys and extended. At the rear, three new residences and a landscaped garden are nearing completion. Two basement levels house 90 parking spaces and cellars. Construction of the residence, which began in February 2023, is scheduled for completion in early 2025, with 73 flats and 300 m² of services on the ground floor.

In total, 127 homes (80% of which have already been sold), including 11 houses and 11 low-cost flats, are currently being completed by Immobel for delivery in the first quarter of 2025.

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