Mon, 18/10/2021
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Immobel France Horizon Nature Montévrain terrasse

Immobel France and GRDF signed a partnership agreement at the social housing congress of the USH (Union Sociale de l’Habitat) on 29 September 2021, through which they undertake to develop innovative real estate programmes in Île-de-France, which accelerate the energy transition of buildings and place quality at the heart of new construction.


The renovation of housing in the region of Île-de-France requires sustainable and renewable energy solutions. This is the belief shared by the developer Immobel France and the gas distribution network operator GRDF, which, at the 81st social housing congress, signed a partnership agreement to move forward together in this direction.

This agreement has two objectives. First, to promote innovative natural gas and green gas solutions at the building level. Secondly, to participate in the creation of sustainable housing, in a context marked by an increased risk of shortage and of increased fossil energy costs.

For Immobel France, the emergence of a partnership with GRDF supports its desire to reinvent cities, today and in the future: to design higher-quality and more environmentally friendly buildings that integrate the sustainable development objectives defined by the United Nations, to contribute to the fight against global warming and to reduce the environmental impact while promoting well-being and living comfort in the housing that Immobel France builds.

For GRDF, this partnership with the largest listed real estate developer in Belgium represents an opportunity to increase its natural gas and renewable gas offering in specific real estate programmes in order to accelerate the energy transition of housing in the Île-de-France region, particularly in the context of the RE2020 environmental regulations, which steer construction towards innovative low-carbon solutions. Immobel France, which aims to participate actively in the construction of the cities of the future through major mixed and sustainable urban projects, is thus an ideal partner. The “Horizon Nature” project consisting of 67 apartments and 8 family houses located in Montévrain, in Seine-et-Marne, which combines responsible architecture inspired by nature and proximity to a city centre undergoing major transformation, is a prime example.


Strong shared commitments

In the context of this partnership, Immobel France undertakes in particular to involve GRDF in communication operations in order to promote gas and its renewable version, green gas, to its customers as well as in the carrying out of prospective thermal studies and in the design of innovative exemplary projects.

For its part, GRDF will support not only the financing of studies to improve the energy and environmental performance of Immobel France’s programmes and of studies of new opportunities for connection to the gas network, but also the commissioning of installations and the implementation of gas programmes in collective housing. Throughout the partnership, GRDF will provide its expertise in the field of innovative gas usage and will examine the feasibility of integrating gas solutions into Immobel France’s projects. GRDF also undertakes to provide Immobel France, as well as its other partners, with information enabling them to make an informed choice of a natural gas energy system, whether or not combined with renewable energies. The distributor also intends to promote the security and modernity of the gas network to ensure an efficient energy mix that complements electricity.

“The developer has an important societal role to play in building the future. Immobel France has the firm commitment and ambition to take on this role. Real estate construction businesses are the sector with the largest environmental footprint. In addition, the concept of sustainability has steadily grown in importance in recent years and, as a developer, we are aware of the difference we can make through more sustainable construction methods. Resources, like energy, must be carefully managed. This partnership with GRDF will make it possible, among other things, to integrate renewable gas into our real estate programmes, to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and to work in the most circular way possible by favouring locally produced energy for greener cities.”
Yves Eveillard, National Technical Director - Immobel France

“GRDF is the partner for public and private players to achieve the environmental transition successfully with the support of the renewable gas sector. We are delighted to support Immobel France in carrying out sustainable construction projects in Île-de-France and to jointly develop new eco-districts and cities that combine quality of life with innovative services. Gas and green gas have a place in new buildings since they are a practical response to energy efficiency efforts and allow future home and office buyers to benefit from an expanded decarbonised heating offering and optimised consumption. The production of green gas, a 100% renewable energy source produced locally from organic waste from our territory, agricultural residues or livestock manure, is experiencing clear growth in our region and, given the current development of renewable gas and the potential available in our territory, this renewable energy is perfectly in line with the increasingly ambitious regulations.”
Bertrand de Singly, Director Île-de-France Region Customers - GRDF