As real estate is a sector with one of the largest environmental footprints, developers have an important role to play in realising a construction shift towards increased sustainability. Immobel is fully committed to making a difference in helping to build a sustainable future. It does this by choosing for responsible architecture, applying more sustainable construction methods, and integrating eco-friendly materials and features in its projects.  

Horizon Nature, located in Montévrain, in Seine-et-Marne, France, is a prime example of that commitment. The project, consisting of 67 apartments and eight family homes, incorporates numerous sustainable features. Together they make the project not only environmentally friendly but also beneficial to the overall well-being and quality of life of its users.  


Yves Eveillard, National Technical Director of Immobel France explains: “The individual features we integrated in the Montévrain project may not look that spectacular, but the combination of all of them makes the project stand out. For example, as the land was inclined, we needed to level it before starting construction. Before transporting the surplus soil to a distant location, we offered it for free to our neighbour, who was suffering from the opposite problem: his land needed to be raised. Thanks to this initiative we kept 50 trucks – which would have transported 1000 cubic metres of surplus soil – off the road. It also reduced the nuisance for our neighbours.” In this register, earthworks are carried out with a hybrid mechanical excavator. 

“In terms of insulation levels we exceed the legal requirement by 20 to 30%,” Yves continues. “The same goes for energy consumption: we will sign a contract with a local gas provider, who compensates the consumption of natural gas by injecting green gas – produced locally from organic waste, agricultural residues or livestock manure – back into the gas grid.”  

To boost biodiversity we will install insect hotels, bird nest-boxes and beehives in the adjacent Bois de Chigny

Yves Eveillard MontevrainYves Eveillard, National Technical Director of Immobel France

As for water management, water-saving taps were installed everywhere. Each home has a 350-litre rainwater tank, allowing people to water their plants and vegetables. The houses are equipped with solar panels and all living units have smart heating controls, which further reduce the overall energy consumption. Individual boilers are monitored to prevent any breakdowns 

For the construction, five local contractors were used, all living within a 15-minute radius. All suppliers and architects committed to implement a zero paper policy.  

“To boost biodiversity we will install insect hotels, bird nest-boxes and beehives in the adjacent Bois de Chigny,” adds Yves. “Horizon Nature inhabitants will therefore have access to locally-made honey, as well as a haven of peace and tranquillity.”   

Horizon Nature also promotes e-mobility. Two electric-vehicle charging stations have been installed, and the possibility to introduce an e-bike sharing system on site is being discussed.  

All these efforts have certainly not remained unnoticed. The Montévrain project won two local Pyramides d’Argent awards (‘Oscars’ for real estate developers) in the Innovation and Quality category. And in the national Pyramides d’Or selection, Montévrain finished second in its category, out of a total of 508 participants.