Transparency notification

Transparency notification

In accordance with the Belgian Transparency Act of 2nd May, 2007 on the disclosure of important shareholdings in listed companies, IMMOBEL states that it received on 17 th January 2019, a notification from the following companies and person, further to the certification of the shares of A³ Capital NV by ways of the Stichting Administratiekantoor A³ Capital (indirect change of control – without changes of the voting rights):

  • Mr. Marnix Galle;
  • Stichting Administratiekantoor A³ Capital ;
  • A³ Capital NV.

From the beforementioned transparency notification it appears a.o. that

  • the participation of A³ Capital NV, being 5,875,070 shares (compared to the precedent notification, the participation of Vemaco NV (269,540 shares) was transferred to A³ Capital NV), and thus went beyond 58.77 % of the voting rights;
  • the participation of IMMOBEL SA (own registered shares), being 1,185,603 shares, thus 11.86 % (still beyond the 10 % threshold).

Please find attached further details regarding the two above notifications