Immobel is looking for a stakeholder engagement expert who, in the context of our urban developments in the Brussels Capital Region, maintains relationships with our stakeholders. Communication, participation, consultation are the core activities that must lead to an aligned and optimized urban and programmatic concept of our projects in the context of permit applications.



  • Stakeholder engagement: identifying (mapping) per project the (local) actors/stakeholders (positively or negatively impacted) around/of our development: citizens, associations, authorities, media, etc., identifying their needs/suggestions and building an appropriate relationship so that each stakeholder gets an appropriate share of voice.
  • Create a participatory toolset to guide the dialogue with stakeholders around our developments: participatory workshops, neighborhood/neighborhood consultations, maison de projet, digital participation, webinars, walks, site-visits, interviews, etc.  
  • Organize and guide consultations with stakeholders during the different phases of the project and feed back to the internal teams so that a clear picture of stakeholders' needs lives in the context of internal decision making.



  • The organization of a dialogue between the internal development team assisted by the architects, on the one hand, and the residents, associations, local actors and authorities concerned, on the other hand, with the aim of establishing a joint diagnosis, possibilities and ways to improve the project, or enrich its design with the expertise of local actors and urban planning experts.
  • Active participation with the team of developers, architects and experts by providing scenarios for adapting the project on an urban and programmatic level in accordance with the feedback obtained from the consultation moments and possible programming studies.


Submission of permit and processing of application: public inquiry - consultation committee - consultation bodies


  • Informing stakeholders about permit submission
  • Represent Immobel during the public inquiry. Active participation with developer and architect to adapt the plans if necessary in accordance with the feedback during the consultation committees
  • Provide dialogue with stakeholders in the event of a possible appeal process following the granting of permit
  • Writing a narrative about our projects and translating this into a communication and marketing approach, in close collaboration with our communications department



  • You have a broad interest in the city and a passion for co-creation and consultation in the design and implementation of urban projects. This may translate into a degree in sociology, urban planning, geography, anthropology, psychology, history, or similar.
  • You have strong communication skills: you can adapt to different people and environments; you have strong verbal skills, you are good at reflecting on another person's behavior and you are open to new things, you have facilitation and mediation skills.
  • You have the skills to conduct a spatial analysis and/or animate a workshop to capture feedback and write and prepare a report.
  • You love working in a multidisciplinary team with a passion for the city in all its aspects.
  • You are organized, rigorous and efficient in production.
  • You are proactive, independent and autonomous
  • With strong leadership skills, you are able to bring about a change and create a win-win situation for all parties
  • You enjoy working in a multidisciplinary and multilingual team (FR-NL-EN).
  • Bilingualism Dutch and French is essential.



  • An environment where personal development and coaching are strongly encouraged,
  • The opportunity to work from the beautiful buildings in Brussels,
  • A competitive and attractive salary package.



Don’t wait any longer to send your motivation and resume to [email protected].