An enclosed car park on a block in the iconic Marais quarter, this development plans to turn it into a mixed-use operation, with an office building, a residential building with new homes in a dense and sought-after area, as well as retail premises on Rue Saint-Antoine.
    Project specificities
    BREEAM Very good

    Rue Saint-Antoine 16
    75004 Paris

    Surface area
    5 000 m²
    Project type
    Under development
    Building permit: requested
    Environmental permit: requested
    Construction period: Q3 2021 - Q3 2023
    B. Architecture


    Vincent Noirot

    — Developer Immobel

    Vera Matovic

    — Architect, B.Architecture

    A development in keeping with its period

    The aim is to preserve the industrial identity of a 350-space overground car park in an enclosed building in the Marais quarter of Paris, revealing the site’s potential through a  refurbishment to give it a  new purpose.

    Immobel France Tertiaire Saint-Antoine

    This involves restoring it and converting it into a predominantly office oriented complex, in keeping with its environment and its period.

    Immobel Social Fund

    En plus de la durabilité directement liée à nos projets, nous contribuons également au bien de la société en reversant jusqu’à 1 % de nos bénéfices* à des associations caritatives dans les domaines de la santé,de la culture et de l’inclusion sociale.

    En savoir plus sur notre programme de mécénat

    “For this project, we wanted to co-design a vibrant space with the architect which preserves the heritage and identity of the site - notably the ramps, vaulted ceilings and floors - and the structure of the building. We also wanted to open up the site, bring in light for user comfort, introduce greenery into a very builtup quarter as well as blur the lines between interior and exterior spaces.”

    Vincent Noirot

    Developer Immobel

    A connection with the past

    The project is the first acquisition by Immobel France Tertiaire, after just eight months of existence.

    It illustrates the Group’s ambitions on the Île-de-France market and also highlights the team’s operational capabilities: employing know-how and expertise to acquire and develop complex, high added-value developments.

    Immobel France Tertiaire Saint-Antoine

    “Throughout the design process, we opted to seek out the most appropriate solution in order to demolish as little as possible so as to minimize the carbon footprint and maintain a connection with the building’s past. Generally speaking, the project will make a contribution to the life of this extremely dense and central quarter of Paris by enabling improved mobility and a continuous pedestrian flow along the street. Furthermore, it will facilitate communication with the quarter by offering new services not currently available that the block’s residents will be able to use in a flexible manner.”

    Vera Matovic

    Architect, B.Architecture