Board of Directors

  • Marnix GALLE *

    Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors,
    Chairman of the Nomination Committee,
    Member of the Executive Committee,
    Member of the Investment Committee.

    Completed a “Bachelor Degree in Arts & Sciences” with Economics as a major and Law as a minor at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisana, USA. He began his professional career at Cegos Belgium in 1987 as a consultant and made his first steps in real estate in 1989 (family portfolio) until 2002. He created his own company ALLFIN in 2001, which became one of Belgium’s leading real estate developers. ALLFIN Group acquired in 2014 a 29% stake in IMMOBEL, listed on Euronext Stock Exchange since 1863. ALLFIN and IMMOBEL merged in 2016 after which he became its Executive Chairman. He is also Chairman of Urban Land Institute Belgium (2015-2018) as well as Director, Member and Trustee of several leading European and American associations. He is married to Michèle SIOEN; they have six children.

    * Mandate executed by the company A³ Management bvba, represented by Mr Marnix GALLE.

  • Alexander HODAC *

    Chief Executive Officer,
    Chairman of the of the Executive Committee,
    Chairman of the Investment Committee,
    Director of Nafilyan & Partners SAS.

    After having obtained a degree in business engineering (Solvay/VUB), he started his professional career at Deloitte Corporate Finance-Real Estate (2005-2013) and served as Chief Commercial Officer of the Belgian residential REIT Home Invest Belgium from 2013 till 2015. In this last function, he was responsible for the entire acquisition and disposal process of existing assets/ portfolios and development projects.

    * Mandate executed by the company AHO Consulting sprl, represented by Mr Alexander HODAC.

  • Astrid DE LATHAUWER *

    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Chairman of the Remuneration Committee,
    Member of the Nomination Committee.

    After studying art history in Ghent and international politics and diplomatic sciences at KU Leuven, she started her career at Monsanto, first in the Marketing department, then as HR Manager for Eastern Europe. Afterwards she joined AT & T, where she works for eight years at various positions in Europe and the United States. In 2000 she went back in Belgium and joined Belgacom where she became Executive Vice President Human Resources for the Group in 2003. From January 2012 till September 2014, she worked at Acerta as General Manager of the branch Acerta Consult. Since October 2014 she is Group HR Director at Ontex. She is also an Independent Director at Colruyt Group since September 2011.

    * Mandate executed by ADL Comm.V, represented by Mrs Astrid DE LATHAUWER.


    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Member of the Audit & Finance Committee,
    Member of the Investment Committee.

    Has a Master Degree in Business Economics and a Bachelor degree in Commercial Economics and is a CFA Charterholder. During her 26-year career in the property industry, of which 17 years in international non-listed real estate, she worked with institutional clients, selecting and managing European and global real estate funds. In her five years with MN Vermogensbeheer she managed the European property portfolio. Subsequently she was at Aberdeen Asset Management for 10 years. Currently she holds the position of non-executive board member of Genesta Nordic Capital Fund Management S.à r.l., as well as Chairman of the Investment Committee. In addition, she serves as Supervisory Board member (and member of the Audit Committee) of the Dutch stock listed real estate company NSI N.V. , as External consultant for Accord Europe Ltd and as Senior Advisor at Masterdam B.V. two real estate corporate finance companies.

  • Sophie LAMBRIGHS *

    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Member of the Investment Committee.

    Started her career within the construction industry, in Brussels and Paris with a degree in civil engineering and construction (ULB) and an Executive Master in Management (Solvay Business School). Until July 2018 she was CEO of the regulated real estate company Home Invest Belgium. Before joining Home Invest Belgium in June 2014, she was Consultant and Member of the Executive Committee of IMMOBEL. Precedently she was working within the real estate department of Axa Belgium, first as Project Manager and finally as Investment Manager. She was also a member of the Board of Directors of the REIT Retail Estates.

    * Mandate executed by Zou2 sprl, represented by Mrs Sophie LAMBRIGHS.

  • Pierre NOTHOMB *

    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Chairman of the Audit & Finance Committee.

    Obtained a Master’s degree in applied economics (UCL Louvain-la-Neuve). He joined Deminor at its launch more than 25 years ago, and has had (or still holds) numerous assignments with the Board of Directors of various companies or associations (such as ForSettlement (Fortis), Modulart, Imperbel, DBAssociates, Cercle de Lorraine, Domaine du Pont d’Oye, Epsylon) and of several Deminor group companies. Additionally, he is also active as a member of the audit committee of Sabam, Imperbel and of the Epsylon psychiatric hospitals group (La Ramée - Fond’Roy). Prior to joining Deminor in 1991, he served with Coopers & Lybrand (now PriceWaterhouse Coopers) as Senior Auditor, and afterwards as corporate finance consultant with Petercam Securities.

    * Mandate executed by Arfin sprl, represented by Mr Pierre NOTHOMB.


    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Member of the Remuneration Committee,
    Member of the Nomination Committee.

    Has a Degree in Economics (KUL – 1987) and obtained a Master’s in Management (IAG-UCL – 1992) and began her career in 1987 at Philips, as Project Leader within the Human Resources department. During the period 1991 till 1999, she continued her career in retail, specifically in the textile sector (New-D, Mayerline) and then moved into food world at Confiserie Leonidas, where she held the post of Commercial & Marketing Director (1999-2004). From 2004 to 2009, she served as Director of Operations of Quick Restaurants Belux SA. Currently she is Chief Executive Officer and Director of Lunch Garden Group since 2010, Independent Director of QSR Belgium NV/SA and Independent Board Member of Euro Shoe Group NV.

    * Mandate executed by the civil company A.V.O.-Management sprl, represented by Mrs Annick VAN OVERSTRAETEN.


    Member of the Board of Directors,
    Member of the Remuneration Committee,
    Member of the Audit & Finance Committee,
    Member of the Investment Committee.

    Graduated in law (magna cum laude) at KU Leuven in 1973 after technical studies. Admitted to the Brussels Bar in 1973, he also was assistant at KU Leuven from 1976 till 1979. He is co-founder of the law firm Vercruysse & Kadaner. He became Honorary Solicitor in 2003 and was a director of ALLFIN and ALLFIN Group between 2004 and 2010. He currently is Director of four non-listed holding companies.