Immobel is the largest listed property developer in Belgium. The Group, which was founded in 1863, is an expert in highly complex real estate projects in major European cities, creating attractive architectural environments that meet clients’ expectations and the needs of today and tomorrow.

2020 was a year we will never forget. Taking into account the unusual circumstances, we really cannot be dissatisfied: we have weathered the crisis well and have prepared for the future.

MARNIX GALLEExecutive Chairman
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For cities

1,600,000 m² under development

> EUR 650 mio of market capitalisation

EUR 5.1 bio in gross development value (GDV)

85 projects under development

72% residential projects in portfolio

200 m/f talent

For people

Our commitments for sustainable development

Construction is the sector with the largest ecological footprint. As a developer, we are aware of the difference we can make by adopting more sustainable development and building methods.

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A plus for

More than any other year, 2020 has shown us what will matter in the future: the need to live in a healthy and comfortable environment, have access to nature, and protect the environment.

These concerns can be found in all our projects and they illustrate the desire that all of our teams have to build urban spaces where residents benefit from the highest possible quality of life. Well-designed complexes, with transport connections, innovative services and more environmentally friendly buildings.

Learn about the Group’s strengths, illustrated by specific initiatives that show how, in practical terms, we see our business as real estate developers.

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A plus for cities - 1

A holistic approach

A holistic approach to design means considering projects in their entirety.

More mobility solutions for residents

Keen to offer innovative solutions with real added value for the residents of its buildings, Immobel is focusing, in particular, on solving mobility-related issues.

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Montrouge, Paris

Immpulse: agility and co-creation

The holistic approach also means innovating to create synergies and beginning to co-create even before the design stages. This is reflected in the Immpulse approach launched by our Paris team.

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A plus for cities - 2

Invigorating neighbourhoods

By transforming abandoned areas into living, work and leisure spaces, Immobel is taking steps to repair the urban fabric of major European cities.

Aubervilliers Fort, Aubervilliers
Centre Monnaie, Brussels

Transforming wastelands into vibrant living spaces

Immobel has real expertise in investing in urban wastelands and turning them into vibrant, people-filled, comfortable places to live. Three Group projects in particular illustrate this know-how.

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Key West, Brussels

Centre Monnaie: the transformation of an iconic building

The Centre Monnaie project is eagerly anticipated because of its location and the iconic appearance of its 1970s era building. The redevelopment should provide greater diversity of use and ensure a 24/7 function in order to contribute to bringing more life to the neighbourhood in the evenings and weekends, after the centre’s shops have closed.

Centre Monnaie, Brussels
Four Seasons Marbella Resort

New local expertise: Marbella

Immobel is not afraid to export its know-how to new markets. For example, in a highly competitive environment and geographical area in Spain, the Group is developing local expertise via a huge “resort” project in partnership with Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts.

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A plus for cities - 3

Responsible use of resources

Our priority for the well-being of our residents and future generations is to build in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Jeroen Rabaey, CEO of Noven
Geothermal energy, a promising technology

Looking for fossil-free solutions, Immobel is working with talented technical partners such as geothermal specialist Jeroen Rabaey, CEO of Noven, to develop new energy approaches in its projects.

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Anne-Marie Sauvat, founder of the Atelier EOLE
Variations of green for the city of tomorrow

The role of landscape architects is crucial in developments. Anne-Marie Sauvat, founder of the Atelier EOLE landscape architecture firm, explains her ambition: to design understated and diversified plantscapes to turn the soil of our cities into a veritable factory of biodiversity.

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Christine Conix, CONIX RDBM Architects
Multi, a renovation into a transparent and welcoming complex

An ambitious programme with significant added value for the public and the occupants. A renovation that ticks many virtuous boxes: circularity, reuse and mobility. Christine Conix of CONIX RDBM Architects explains the challenges.

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A plus for cities - 4

Focusing on quality of life

The comfort and well-being of the people who live in and use our buildings are at the heart of our priorities on a daily basis.

Adrien Puylaert, developer Immobel

More sustainable comfort for office projects

Our office complexes respect the highest well-being and ergonomic standards, and are designed to be easy to convert, so that they can be adapted to changes in future working practices.

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Residential Project Advisory team in Belgium

Personalized interior decoration for our customers

With the support of our specialist design and development teams, the purchasers of our residential programmes are able to customise their properties before moving in.

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Patches of tranquillity in the city

Within the Group, developers are mindful of residents’ new well-being requirements. They are therefore increasingly focusing on specific services, oriented towards slow living and the introduction of more plant life and fulfilling activities in the city.

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Commerce 46, Brussels

Shareholder information

Portfolio by property type

18.7 %

ROE - average over 3 years

Dividend per share (€/share)

Activities by country


Activity in Belgium was certainly a challenge this year. Despite the exceptional circumstances, strong teamwork and a very proactive approach produced some highlights.

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2020 was a difficult year for us, as it was for other real estate developers in France, caused by COVID-19 and also by the administrative slowdown relating to the organisation and postponement of municipal elections.

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Although COVID-19 also left its mark on the Luxembourg office, Immobel Luxembourg used this year to invest in the future by adding a number of interesting acquisitions to the portfolio.

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In Poland, we completed the first of two phases of our Granary Island project in Gdansk, which is a typical example of Immobel’s expertise in revitalising city centres.

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We are still focused on the big cities in Germany. We made progress on a number of projects in 2020, with the prospect of major breakthroughs in 2021.

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The design work for the five-star hotel and residential units (villas, single-family dwellings and apartments) at the Four Seasons project in Marbella has been completed and gives a clear idea of what the resort will offer its residents.

Download the report for Spain (PDF — 200 Kb)

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